Custom Hardscapes


“Hardscapes” is a term directly associated with the installation of walkways, patios, porches, pool decks and driveways. Like retaining walls, your hardscapes can be made from either a natural stone or a manufactured product. Manufactured products are designed and made to be uniform in size and makes for an easier installation over natural products. Pavers are installed as a dry laid system, meaning that the pavers have the ability to move freely of each other. The products that are available come from a wide range of manufacturers such as Unilock, Oaks, Fendt , Hanover, & Belgard to name a few. At Great Lakes Landscape Design we look for the best fit for each client’s needs without limiting their options.

Manufactured products have become quite popular due to their ability to be arranged in patterns that make for a more interesting layout. Another exciting design technique is called quilting – which adds detail, texture and color combinations that can draw the eye and lead you to a focal point. Quilting gives the homeowner the ability to customize their hardscape design to their own personal look. The single most important factor in creating a successful segmental paver installation is in the base preparation, which is referred to as a dry laid installation. At Great Lakes Landscape Design, not only do we exceed industry standards providing our clients an increased base of 50% +, but we back it up with a 5 year guarantee on labor. Coupled with the manufacturers lifetime material warranty, our warranty exceeds our competitors by more than double. Using our best practices for base installation, we have dramatically reduced installation failure to less than 1% of all square footage installed.

The products that we offer are not restricted to concrete manufactured units (pavers); the options are endless from clay pavers, for that classic look, to natural stones. In addition we can blend materials to give you a custom personalized product and design. The look of natural stones – such as bluestone – can be quite desirable and lead to a stunning end result. Natural stones range in size and thickness, making it more time consuming to install the product. These products are quarried – not manufactured – and are installed in two ways; wet laid or on a dry base, like pavers. Wet laid is simply the technique where the stones are mortared into place over 4” concrete with wire mesh and a dry aggregate base of 6”, creating in principle one continuous surface. Natural stone can be a modular stone laid in a random ashlars pattern, or all one size stone, or any combination that you can imagine. If you prefer an even more natural look stones can be obtained in an irregular configuration, stones are fit together in a completely random pattern like a jigsaw puzzle.

Applications for these products are endless – ranging from patios to walkways, and porches to driveways. Whichever method and product suits you, Great Lakes Landscape Design is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in the Oakland County and Metro Detroit area.

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