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A fireplace can add such a magical feel to a dark cold evening and if ambiance is what you are after then this is the perfect application. Nothing says cozy and intimate like sitting by the fire with friends and family sharing stories and enjoying the glow of the fire.

Fireplaces can be built from natural stone or manufactured products such as pavers and can be made for wood burning or gas. If a fireplace is too much for you and you are looking for something a little more intimate then fire pits and fire tables may be the answer. These can be modified for any space and can be gas or wood burning just like a fireplace.

Water Features

•Bubbling rocks
•Water wall

Water can bring such a tranquil and soothing element in your garden. It relaxes you and can also be used to buffer the sound of the city and bring you back to nature. Water front property is so desirable, when you cannot have the water by your home then why not bring the water to your home.

Ponds being some of the most popular water features can be made to be sustainable elements in your garden and can bring wildlife such as birds, butterflies and frogs. Fish can be added to your pond with along with other aquatic plant material and will help give your pond a more natural feel. This type of feature can not only be a spectacular backdrop to your gatherings but can be a great place to relax when you get home from a long day at work.

Materials that can be used to build these features are unlimited with the vast variety of stones that we have at our disposal.

If space or small children are a concern of yours and you still would like to hear the sound of running water, then a pondless water features such as bubbling rocks, water walls or even fountains will help you get the feel that you are looking for.

These features can be customized to whatever space that you would like to see them in; at your front door or around your back patio. These can be incorporated into your surrounding landscape to help add drama, along with adding some much needed peace to your daily life.

Water walls can be a unique way to add water to your home and can be customized to meet any size that you like. The amount of white noise can be increased with the height of the wall. Adding low voltage lights to these features can add additional drama with flicking light off the moving water.

Fountains can bring class and charm to a space in your garden without taking up too much room and still allowing for you to enjoy the sounds of water.

So no matter how much space you may have there is always room for the sound of water running in the back ground.

Outdoor Kitchens

• Bars
• Grills
• Custom Cabinetry
• Pizza Ovens

Are you passionate about grilling? We’ll build you a kitchen for all your entertaining needs. Your outdoor cooking area will be a personalized space for your specific needs, with refrigerators, ice chests, grills, burners, multi-use cabinets, and sinks. We’ll handle the entire project and make your backyard, deck or patio the go-to spot for family and friends.

Low Voltage Lighting

It is amazing how everything changes at night. The familiar objects of day take on a new life in the dark. Colors change and shapes are manipulated by their own shadows – what will you see?

We at Great Lakes can help you illuminate your path and provide drama to your personal oasis with your own low-voltage lighting system.

Across the country, low-voltage outdoor lighting has become a highly desirable landscape feature. Professionally landscaped homes and public areas are transformed into spectacular showplaces at night…when illuminated with professional outdoor lighting. Artful gardens, dramatic trees, enchanting water features all receive a new visual excitement that is created at twilight with low voltage lighting.

We will design a low-voltage lighting plan that enhances your landscape during the day and illuminates and brings intrigue during the night. From simple designs to elaborate lighting nightscapes, we work closely with you.

Game Courts

• Tennis
• Basketball
• Multi-use courts for indoor and outdoor including all accessories: hoops, nets, scoreboards and more


Arbor and pergolas are dramatic outdoor walkways or rooms that use columns to support an overhead, trellis-like structure. They maintain an open-air feeling while typically blocking some of the sun load. Arbors and pergolas add classic beauty and a definitive ah-ha factor to your yard, pool area, or entrance way. Often, they’re a perfect way to extend your entertainment space in a way that makes the most of Michigan’s gorgeous summers.


Fencing can be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and customized for any location. Material choices include aluminum, wood, vinyl, and wrought iron.

Wood has always been a favorite, adding a soothing, stunning look to your yard. Even if a small wooden gate is all you require, we can build it to fit your location.

If you seek privacy for a larger area, we can make a fence to your specifications or help you find a prefabricated fence in one of many styles, colors and wood types. In our photos, you’ll see a golden-colored, decay-resistant cedar fence, built by hand with tongue and groove boards. A diamond and square pattern across the top adds charm and depth. The final, breath-taking product is a one-of-a-kind showpiece!

Aluminum and wrought iron fencing can be functional and attractive. Wrought iron is a classic element in a more Victorian age, yet it still has a place in the modern landscape. Aluminum ranks as an affordable and durable alternative.

Vinyl is popular due to its low maintenance and durability. It can fit any need, be that privacy or purely aesthetic. If you want a country garden with an old-fashioned white picket fence, for example, vinyl is a great option.

• Aluminum
• Wood
• Vinyl

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